Bodywork & Neigong Weekly classes (Online)

2024 bodywork and neigong weekly class

időpont: 2024. február 13. 18:00 – 2024. április 02. 20:00

helyszín: Online - Google Meet

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8 week block of weekly classes, online.

Designed to help therapists understand the nature of nei gong practise and bodywork benefits and elevate their fitness and inspire for nei gong practise beside their therapeutic work.
Every Tuesday, from 13th of Feburary, until 2nd of April, 18:00-20:00 (CET)
| additional free theoretical class on 3rd of April 60 mins, talking through questions and experiences |
We cover:
First hour: warm up, body work, joint opening, tissue streching and sometimes localized work on: neck, shoulder, arms, and spine, hip- kua.
Second hour: nei gong foundations, such as correct standing, location of lower dan tien, lower dan tien work and specific Qi gong and Dao yin excercises. It is planned in a manner so practitioners can understand the functions of these excercises and how to use them in various situations for their long term benefit as well.
The weekly classes will be taught in english.
It will be recorded for those who live in a different time zone or cant be present at all classes. Probably shared on a specific discord server for those who signed up.
Online classes will be held via GOOGLE MEET and link or code sent out before the class.
Sign up:
– please do it before our first class on 13th of February.
– send us information beforehand which dates you know , you cant participate live, once your registration is finished.
– emial us at:
– please include this in subject of email: 2024 bodywork and neigong weekly class block
Registration is completed with the training fee payment:
It is 16 GBP / class.
It is 12 GBP / class for: Xian Tian College students group, Dao Neigong students group.
| one tuesday class is 2 hours long, 1st hour: body work, 2nd hour: nei gong | small break in between.
More informations will be sent out in email to registered participants.
Please once payment is done, send us your invoice details ( address, country)
Knowing and understanding Ji Ben Qigong and Wu Xing Qigong is an advantage, so I advise to get familiar with the movements before hand. The best to do that is to look up Damo Mitchell youtube channel. He is the best source and his instructional videos are there, super valuable. Beside that, IAA is an amazing source of information and benefits thousands nowadays. Utmost thanks to him.
Thank you, very much,
Adam Molnar