Nei Gong – Budapest – November

neigong budapest hun yuan

időpont: 2023. november 25. 09:00 – 2023. november 27. 17:00

helyszín: Kossuth Lajos utca 117, Budapest 1214, Magyarország

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Nei gong course in Budapest – Hungary.
This event is an advanced one compared to the events we held in the last few years. I am going to introduce the Hun Yuan Qigong excercises learned from Damo Mitchell.
Hun Yuan means original state, thus these excercises are quiet different compared to the Level 1 syllabus. Meanwhile Level 1 qigong is mainly hou tian in nature, Hun Yuan Qigong is xian tian. Works different energetically and also works according to different principles.
This event is open for those , who already spent a few years practising Lotus Neigong Level 1 syllabus. Most of those who I instructed personally before and ready for this or I know their instuctors, and confirmed, can attend.
We are going to study the dan tiens related to Hun yuan Qigong and as much excercises that can fit the 3 days.
Date: 25-27th of November, 2023
Location: Csepel Karate SE – 1214 Budapest, Kossuth Lajos utca 117.
Optional 2day or 3 day participation.
Course fee: 50000 HUF / 2 day and 75000 / 3 day
– registration is complete with fee transfer ( please include your name and address for invoice data )
– the fees are given in hungarian forints, those who used our EUR wise account before can still transfer the fee in eur.
( approx.: 130 euro for 2 days, and 200 for 3 days )
Thank you very much,
Adam Molnar – qigong instructor ( Lotus Nei Gong affiliated member )