Nei Gong – Vienna – Austria January, 2024

2024 dao neigong vienna

időpont: 2024. január 27. 09:00 – 2024. január 29. 17:00

helyszín: International Academy for Hara Shiatsu - Josefstädter Straße 5/10 1080 Wien, Austria and Pfeilgasse 42a ( saturday and sunday)

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Nei gong course in Vienna, Austria.

Event specification:
Foundations of bodywork and nei gong energetic principles + Yi Jin Jing seated excercises + dan tian work.
We are going to study:
– nei gong theories ( body-mind connectiion, Qi, cosmology, energetic „anatomy”- for example: lower dan tien and channels ),
– body: work out, streching, preparation, release,
– how to stand correctly, how to move the body part correctly,
– breath work and release,
– effective listening as skill and its relation to release and internal arts,
– Nature of body opening and Yi Jin Jing principles.
– proper lower dan tien location and understanding of its importance, effectiveness and interaction with body.
– Seated and standing work.
Working hours:
– Saturday and Sunday: 9:00-17:00 with lunch break.
– Monday :8:00-16:00
Date: 27-29th of January, 2024
Location: – monday Internal Academy for Hara Shiatsu, Vienna
– saturday-sunday : Pfeilgasse 42a , Vienna
Optional 2day or 3 day participation.
Course fee: 160 euro / 2 day and 240 / 3 day
– registration is final with the payment of the fee. Please contain your invoice informations also, in email.
In case there is difficulty for you with course fee, please email me, and let us discuss, I always have room for support.
Saturday-Sunday, please bring your sitting cushion or anything you need for seated practise. Blanket, yoga mat possibly ( if you travel from far, feel free to ask local participants to help out )
Nei gong practise can be demaning physicly and mentally, emotionally. ( Besides all it is much fun also )
We dont recommend nei gong practise during pregnancy, or under age 18.
Smoking, drug usage, alcohol usage is prohibited. Intoxicated, agressive, or not proper behaviour is not allowed and the person will be removed from the course immediately. We dont recommend participation with certain type of mental illnesses and heart issues as they could escalate with nei gong practise.
Make sure you arrive to the course well rested and nourished, drink plenty of water during the course and consider doing the excercises with common sense in case of known injuries.
Adam Molnar ( Lotus Nei Gong affiliated member )
– qigong instructor , shiatsu therapist, swimming and triathlon coach, owner of Dao Neigong