Qi Gong – 氣功 Foundations in english – Budapest

csikung qi gong foundations

időpont: 2021. október 30. 09:00 – 2021. október 31. 17:00

helyszín: Budapest

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We cover taoist theory of:
– healthy living principles,
– cosmology,
– qi gong practise related material,
And lots of practise !
The course will be all english, so everyone speaking ( or not ) enlgish are very welcomed.
I am practising qigong and daoyin amongst other methods since 2016, under the guidence of Lotus Nei Gong International. Since 2019 I am authorized to teach certain materials, thus we will study this weekend the internal taoist arts according to LNG syllabus.
Building solid foundations, and set directions in Qigong practise. Examine, strech, condition body, so to prepair it to be able to practise qigong furhter on. All practise will be supported with theory for greater understanding.
Foundation is not simple, but foundational for any further work, thus without it we can get nowhere, this is how important it is! To be able to compete, we must find the start line.
These two days might get very intense, so better be prepaired, rest well, stay away from toxins, and hydrate! 🙂
Regarding the current situation:
– in case there is change we might switch to online format.
– regarding covid conditions please contain informations in your registering emails,
– we might will apply restrictions, such as social distancing, wearing masks at certain times, measure body temperature at entrance and ask for updated test results, etc.
Book yourself a spot:
– booking is final with the fee payment:
30000 Huf ,-
Location: it changes according to number of participants, as we want to make sure we provide enough space for social distancing.