Body, mind and Qi for Therapists

body mind Qi therapist

When I found neigong, at that time I studied shiatsu, my number one concern was:
The person who touches other people should get as pure as possible, bodily, mentally, and in his soul. Also since the therapy we talk about is: shiatsu | tuina | acupuncture , all of them based in the idea of Qi – 氣 . To understand Qi is through neigong. You can understand Qi intellectually, but that is hardly usable.

To me, back than, Qi was not real, I needed a tool to understand it, and realize it! Realizing such a thing in the field of shiatsu, tuina, or Qigong is crucial.
I quickly understood as I dag deeper, that chinese medicine was part of nei gong systems. Actually to my understanding neigong masters created chinese medicine. Their cultivation lead to realizations and clearly understanding how humans are built. These masters mapped out what they saw, and presented us the maps of channels. This is what we use in shiatsu also.

On this path I must have understood the stages nei gong leads the practitioners through. It starts with the body, and develops from there to the realm of Qi, and later more subtle interconnectedness.

Nei gong practise is pretty repetitive, so requires preserence, agility, and inspiration. Skills are stabilzed techniques. These techniques leads to the ability to regulate Qi in ourselves. It also requires certain qualities in body and mind also. Not accepting this repetitiveness, or the linear nature of the practise is confusion or rather denial of some aspects of the inbuilt mechanisms.

This year we start soon to build up the understandings of those who wish to walk the same path toward purity, clarity and strength. This path offers certain things and nothing else, it is not negotiable, certain things must be done, time with practise must be spent, etc.

You have opportunity to join foundational courses soon, as they are timed to be held in the beginning of the year, and we slowly develop the year into more complicated practises, such as Dragon Dao Yins, Five Element Qigong, Hun Yuan Qigong, and courses which focuses on deeper aspects of nei gong.

Our current weekly class block is dedicated for therapists, the aim of the block is two fold:
1) Inspire for physical work, through streches and body work, hence encourage to live a more vital life,
2) Introduce neigong foundational practises, qigong and dao yin, and help to understand their use in practicality.

My beginner approach remained, as it was in 2015. I am looking for and emphaize those methods that help people understand their nature, Nature itself, and how neigong fits in it. Purify their body, and mind and Qi. Hence the purer and stronger their „temple’ is, the more goods they can offer for the world.