Neigong in Vienna 2023

2023 Nei gong Vienna

időpont: 2023. február 25. 09:00 – 2023. február 27. 16:00

helyszín: International Academy for Hara Shiatsu - Mariahilferstr. 115 (im Hof) 1060 Austria, Wien

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Nei Gong in Vienna

In February we more likely focus on Wu Xing Qigong and the 5 Phases. You can expect corrections, and foundations of Qigong practise according to Nei Gong principles.
Again with a 2 +1 day format. Those who want to deepen their practise can stay for an extra day. According to experiences it better suits those who travel from far, and those who wish to deepen understanding and let the mind catch up to the intensive work.
Mind that events are also held in Budapest. Thus Budapest and Vienna events work so we can touch upon nei gong practise principles and areas to develop each time. ( May going to be a Dragon Dao Yin course again in Vienna. )
Saturday- Sunday: 9:00-17:00 + extra day, monday
Location: International Academy for Hara Shiatsu
– Mariahilferstr. 115 (im Hof) 1060 Austria, Wien
Fee: 100 euro ( for 2 days ), 150 euro for 3 days
subject: Wu Xing Qigong Austria 2023 february
-registration is complete by course fee transfer.
Course subject:
-Body work: conditioning, and streching ( effective )
-Theory about body and basic energetical structure according to daoists
– Wu Xing Qigong
– Locating lower dan tien ( which is the core basic of nei gong work.
– Effective listening and letting go physicly and mentally.
Looking forward to meet you in person and share the joy of practising these internal art forms, have lots of laughs and still work hard.
The course might be tiring or challenging at some points so be prepared and long for improvement.
Please note!
I could lower the course price for 2 days due to a support of the location.
Toxicants, cigaretes, alcohol and mind altering substance use is prohibited on the course.
We dont advise participating under the age of 18 and during pregnancy period.
Spinal issues, and with other health problems, please consultate with your medical practitioner / doctor, about participation. And inform us accordingly, please.
Thank you very much,
Adam Molnar
Qi gong instructor by Lotus Nei Gong International school of internal arts.
Swimming and triathlon coach, shiatsu therapist